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Child Was Bitten By A Dog

Officers attended an incident on April 24 in Kettering after a young child had been bitten by a dog. With these statistics in mind its important for adults to have a basic understanding of what preventative measures they can take to keep their children from being bitten by a dog.

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If a child is bitten on the trunk stomach or chest this dog bite could penetrate the childs skin and actually affect major organs especially on very young children because of their small size.

Child was bitten by a dog. A spokesman for the force said. Stuff article - dog bites child. That the child would not be bitten by a dog.

Common Dog Bite Injuries To Children. Most bites in children are inflicted by dogs known and liked by the children bitten. Dogs often bite in reaction to a stressful situation or if they are sick.

Ensure that your child is assessed for emotional stress and obtains a referral for counselling if this is required. If the worst possible scenario happens and your child is bitten by a dog stay calm and follow these guidelines created by Doggone Safe a nonprofit organization from Florida that stresses dog bite prevention through education. Adults are responsible for the safety of the dog and the child.

First of all teach your child that a dog is not a toy. A 5-year-old child suffered severe lacerations to their face after being bitten by a dog Sunday in Aurora. Ensure that other people do not remain in danger from the same dog while you attend to the injured person.

If your child was bitten by a dog they must see a therapist as soon as possible. A baby has suffered serious facial injuries after being bitten by a dog. Serious injuries can result to children attacked by a canine.

Your child may be prescribed a course of antibiotics. According to an Aurora Police APD report the bite happened at. Today there was an article on stuff about a child who was bitten by a dog.

It is they who should supervise the behavior of the dog and the toddler and teach appropriate behavior. The child sustained facial injuries which required medical. First off let me start by saying that I cannot imagine how terrifyingly scary and traumatic it would be to witness your child being bitten by a dog.

These include medical bills compensation for scars disfigurement emotional scarring pain suffering punitive damages and PTSD. If your child is ever caught in a dog bite attack there are things you can do to treat their injuries right away and reduce the chances of infection. The 10-year-old dog which is a German shepherd black lab mix bit the childs head.

Listening to your child reassuring them that this was not their fault and encouraging education can also help them recover from the trauma. While children and dogs seem like a lovable combination children suffer severe dog bites at a rate that far exceeds the general population. Studies show that the sooner a child sees a therapist after a bite the better they will heal.

When these incidents take place the results can be horrific and devastating to the child and their parents. You should also call the doctor if over the next few days you notice any signs of infection such as redness swelling warmth or pus. How to prevent dog bites in children.

When suing for a childs dog bite there are options when choosing compensatory damages to pursue for your child. Among children the incidence of dog-bite injuries is the highest of those between the ages of 5-9 years of age. All dogs regardless of breed can bite.

The therapist will be able to assess your child and offer treatment options. Children who are bitten by a dog on the arms hands legs or feet can also risk losing a limb being bitten by a dog or risk losing a finger to a dog bite. If you or your child was bitten or otherwise injured by a dog we will help you gather the evidence needed to.

And bites in children are twice as likely. Some of the most serious injuries include. Treating a childs dog bite wounds.

Among children the rate of dog bite injuries is highest from those ages 5 to 9 years. Any interaction of the child with the dog should be supervised. The most important way to keep your child safe around a dog.

KTTC -- An 18-month-old child was seriously hurt after being bitten by a family members dog on Sunday. In addition a child bitten by a dog is more likely than an adult to receive medical treatment for their injuries. NEAR ROCHESTER Minn.

The Olmsted County Sheriffs Office said this happened in the 3200 Block of Grand View Lane SW around 545 Sunday evening. Obtain immediate medical attention. The majority of bites happen at home or at the home of a friend and are inflicted by a dog with no history of aggressive behavior.

If the dog has a disease like rabies your child will need shots right away. The baby was out with. Call 603-668-2222 to Discuss Your Case with a New Hampshire Dog Bite Attorney.

In most cases the child is bitten in the face and requires extensive plastic surgery to repair. I sympathise with the family. The child was rushed to hospital following the incident in Kettering Northamptonshire on Saturday.

At Hage Hodes were proud to advocate for injured parties and their families. I or My Child Was Bitten - What Do I Do.

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