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Use ginseng for healthy and better living

There are almost eleven different qualities of ginseng (renshen) are detected in different parts of the world. These plants don’t grow much and mostly possess fleshy light-colored, fork-shaped roots, with a lengthy stalk and deep green leaves. The plant has immense benefits for the human body. It is used to treat several physical and neurological diseases and also for keeping the body’s overall activities intact. In traditional medicines, the utility of ginseng has been known to the human race for several centuries in Asia, Europe, and North America. Some recent studies have further revealed many other benefits of ginseng and many popular manufacturers are now marketing ginseng supplements quite successfully.


Popular varieties of ginseng (renshen)

There are different varieties of ginseng. Following are the most popular varieties –

American ginseng – Biologically American ginseng is called Panaxquinquefolius. The root of this variety of ginseng is very beneficial. This root contains ginsenosides. This root is used only when it is at least 6 years old, because after completing 6 years, the root is fully grown and contains huge quantities really important ingredients. Experts opine that as an adaptogen, this ginseng can be used as to combat against fatigue, stress, and depression. Ginseng is also good to protect the skin against many againg symptoms and common neurological problems like loss of memory, ADHD, cold and flu,etc. Some recent studies have also revealed its anti-cancer properties.

Asian ginseng – The biological name of this variety is Panax ginseng. It is also popularly called Korean ginseng, because it is mostly found in South and North Korea. The quantity of gensenosie in Korean ginseng is much higher than in the American ginseng. It also acts as an adaptogen, that means, this variety of ginseng helps the people to adapt to a new weather condition very quickly without getting affected by any common diseases like flu, cough, infection, allergy, etc.  to get accustomed with a changing weather or any other environmental conditions very quickly. It also has multiple other benefits for the body, both physical and neurological.

Benefits of ginseng

Some common benefits of ginseng are as follows –

  • Cognitive function – It enhances cognitive function of a person. With regular use of ginseng memory, learning ability, and focus, etc. of the user increases abruptly.
  • Cardiovascular function – Ginseng lowers LDL cholesterol and triglycerides quite efficiently. Thus, cardiovascular health is preserved on regular use of ginseng.
  • Hair and skin condition – In this matter Korean ginseng is quite efficient. It improves various aging symptoms, strengthens skin follicles, and improves brightness of the skin. Moreover, men’s androgenic alopecia can be treated effectively with Korean ginseng.
  • Cancer treatment – Several studies have shown several studies have shown the remarkable benefits of Korean ginseng in cancer treatment. The supplement works as a good carcinogenic agent and mitigation of DNA damage.
  • Sexual problems – Ginseng is an effective sexual problem rectifier. It extracts are really useful in rectifying erectile dysfunction, and another sexual dysfunction.


In different problems, different doses of the supplement are used. Normally, experts advise 200-400mg on daily basis for a period of 2-3 months.

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