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Simple Activities to Keep You Active

Keeping active and fit is a key message that we hear all the time from experts and doctors.  With people living very busy lives, this can be very hard to execute with commitments to work and family.  Keeping active can be fun though and does not have to be a drain.  In fact, if you get yourself involved in lots of active activities, you may find that some of these actually get a little addictive.  You can do a lot of these activities either as an individual or with others.  Here are some suggestions. 


This is probably not the first activity that came into your head however this can be a lot of fun.  There are places such as Rush UK Trampoline Parks that offer lots of fun and activity for all the family.  The trampolines are indoors and can be hired for a rate depending on the size and amount of size you are looking to spend on this.  You can jump away all day long if you please!  This activity is also not expensive at all and doesn’t involve a lot of skill although you will find that in gymnastics this can also be classed as a sport.  If you like the activity so much, you could even purchase your own trampoline for your back yard.  These are not expensive items to buy although they do require a lot of room.  Don’t forget to get the safety cage to go round it to ensure that no one falls out and injures themselves.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing may sound dangerous but it is a relatively safe activity if the correct level of precautions taken.  There are many indoor rock climbing centres all around the country where you can try it out with the support of the experts.  This can be done as a group if desired to help with the motivation.  This is not expensive to do and the equipment you wear to keep you safe is all include in the price.  If you desire to take this a step further, you may try outdoor rock climbing.  Doing this needs a lot more precaution and we wouldn’t advise you do this unless you have trained experts with you.


There are lots of different cycle routes in the UK and with dedicated cycle lanes in most cities, it is becoming a far safer and more popular mode of transport.  Why not give up the car for a week and cycle to work?  Remember that not only will you require a bike (and these can be hired in some cities) but the correct safety equipment should be work (for example a helmet).


Going back to basics, why not go out for a run?  This can not only help keep you fit but allows you to clear your mind whilst jogging away.  There are many UK running clubs that you can join or very little fees and choose to maybe go out as a group.

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