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Should you go with Burial or Cremation?

When someone dies – it can be such a daunting task to make sure their funeral plans are arranged properly.  Worst case scenario is that your family or loved one doesn’t have anything put in place and it’s all left to you.  The choice between burial and cremation can be one of the biggest decisions you need to make – and we thought we would give you some information to help you make that decision.

Things to Remember with Burials

  • Burial plots tend to be leased, and not owned. This means that you will need to renew your lease on occasion – similarly as to you would do if you were to lease a flat. Leases on plots can be up to 50 years or more, however
  • If the deceased doesn’t live in the location in which you would like to bury them – the plot may cost more than it would normally
  • You would do well to ask how graves can be memorialized. All cemeteries are different. If you are looking for something simple, then this shouldn’t be a problem – but it’s best to check in
  • It’s also an option to be buried on your own land. There are rules to this that you would need to look into, but it is a viable option.

Things to Remember with Cremations

  • You need to apply for a cremation, however the funeral director will normally help you with this
  • There also needs to be Doctors forms that are filled in by the Doctor who certified the death in the first place. They do need to be paid for, but are normally included with the funeral plan
  • The Doctor who has certified the death and completed the forms, also needs to give permission for the cremation
  • They tend to be much more cost-effective option for funerals which may work better if you are on a budget

What is a Direct Cremation?

Some people aren’t quite sure what a direct cremation is even though they are increasing in regularity. There are direct cremation locations where the body is cremated almost immediately.  This means that there tends not to be a traditional funeral service in place.  This means there doesn’t need to be embalming or viewing and is often why this is much more cost-effective than other options.  It is a route that lots of people go down, as there is no reason why you can’t host a commemorative event after the cremation itself.

It can be difficult to make the correct decision and know what to do. The important thing to remember is that you are doing the best that you can – and that your loved ones will appreciate the effort that you have made irrespective of the choices that you make.  Make sure you choose the right funeral director for you to help you on your way.

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