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Ideas for Different Hobbies

People have all different types of hobbies to keep them occupied which include tame things such as train spotting and coin collecting to extreme sports like sky diving and mountain skiing.  If you do not have a hobby and have some spare time, we have listed below some examples of hobbies that you may wish to consider taking up.


One of the fastest grown hobbies in the UK is photography.  More and more people are purchasing themselves camera and computer equipment and joining this trend.  One of the main reasons this is growing in popularity so much is the changes in technology which is making this less expensive to do that a decade ago.  If you are looking to pick this up then there are many beginners photography courses around the UK that can help you on this journey.  The courses are not expensive and you can expect to be educated on the different techniques for this.  There is lots of different equipment that you can purchase and attending one of these courses will also help guide you on this.  When attending these courses be aware of your audience.  The people that are there are also probably looking to do the same of you and will have very basic or no skills in this field.  Don’t be scared to ask questions and maybe pick up some contact details of others in the group who you can keep connected with after the course and give each other guidance.

Learn a Language

You may think that learning a language is really difficult and time consuming however with todays technology, they have made it a lot easier for this to do.  There are many different free apps available where you can download, pick a language and start learning instantly.  If you think of the UK, there are people from all different European countries living within it and it is always helpful to maybe know some basic conversational items from their language.  Even a “Hello” goes a long way.  Although we have put this down as a hobby, if you manage to nail this and get to speak fluent in another language this then becomes a pretty invaluable skill.  If applying for a new job, then make sure that you have this all inserted on your CV as it is something that potential employers will be impressed with and may be relevant to the job you apply for.


One of the most common hobbies people have is to do with sports.  This may not be to physically play it but maybe to watch it.  In the UK, you are spoilt for choice with football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis and even sports like Hockey, Darts, Bowls quite common and venues dotted around the country.  If you are looking for a healthy and fitness option then clearly picking an active sport will help with this.  Going to watch a particular sport or getting a season ticket for a specific team may be slightly expensive however gives you something to do on a weekly basis.

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