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6 Exciting Ways an Interior Designer Can Make Your Home Better

Whether you are just moving in or updating a home where you have spent several years, hiring an interior designer is a top decision.

When you work with an interior designer they can help you optimise your home from layout to lighting.

If you are already convinced that you want to hire a professional, then hop on over to Bidvine where you can hire an interior designer in Mancheser. If not, then keep reading to learn 6 exciting ways that they can benefit you!

1. Furniture layout

Is your living space feeling closed in or cluttered, even when you organise it? The layout of your furniture can have a large impact on the atmosphere of your home. So, if you previously went with a furniture arrangement that doesn’t fit your space it can easily make your home feel closed in or cluttered.

An interior designer can take a look at the arrangement of your current furniture. Then, they can help you figure out the best way to rearrange it to optimise your space. If you decide to go with all new furniture instead, then they can also help you to pick out furniture. That way you can be sure that your new furniture will all match to create your ideal aesthetic and if you need them custom made, they can probably point to a local carpenter in their network.


Lighting is fundamental to any home. The right lighting can not only brighten your space but also your mood.

Yet figuring out how to create that optimal lighting in your home can be difficult. Don’t stress if you aren’t sure how to achieve this. It is tricky to figure out the best way to light your home.

That’s where an interior designer comes in. They can help you to evaluate how to make the most out of the natural lighting in your home during the day. Then they can look at the best way to augment this lighting with light fixtures to create a cosy atmosphere in the evening or on overcast days.

3. Colour scheme

As well as furniture, you can also use colours to transform your home. The right colour scheme can convey a variety of different sentiments and aesthetics.

You can use colour to emulate a cosy countryside feel, even if you live in a city. Then again, you could alternatively use it to create a chic, modern and urban look. An interior designer can help you determine the best way to create the aesthetic you want using colour.

Colour can do much more than just emphasise an aesthetic though. Bright colours can also open up a small room. So, if your room is feeling closed in, then an interior designer can help you to choose a colour scheme which will open it up and make it feel more spacious.

4. Accent décor

When you are picking out accent decor it can be tempting to choose every single item that you like. Even when they don’t all match.

Working with an interior designer can help you to avoid this conundrum. Instead of being left on your own to pick out items at random, an interior designer can help you to create a specific plan and list of items you actually need.

Then they can help you narrow down the best items to purchase in order to create the aesthetic that you truly want.

5. Storage space

Without storage space, we would all be lost. Storage space allows you to organise your home properly. With the right storage area, you can create a clutter-free space with discrete storage spots.

Storage can even work its way into your home’s aesthetic. Imagine floor to ceiling bookcases. If you are going for a rustic aesthetic then a few key antique pieces properly placed can stylishly blend storage and decor into one.

6. Style

Last but certainly not least, when you work with an interior designer they can help you to merge all of the aforementioned elements to craft your ideal style.

From furniture arrangement to colour to storage space, your interior designer can expertly combine each element. They remove the guessing game out of arranging your dream home.

If you decide to take on a more extensive home upgrading project, they can help you to plan that as well. Once your project is all planned out then Bidvine can help connect you with trusted, local service professionals.

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