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5 Funeral Planning Tips for you

Planning a funeral is never on your list of things that you would like to do, but unfortunately it needs to be done when a loved one passes, and you are left with that responsibility for whatever reason.  It is already an incredibly difficult time, so we have compiled a list of things that you need to do to hopefully make life a bit easier for you.

Find the Correct Funeral Director for you

The first thing you might want to do is look for a funeral director.  You can compare funeral plans to see which fits your budget best, and then see how you get on with them in terms of what you are looking to achieve. You can also look at online reviews to see what experience other people have had with specific funeral directors.

 Think about Cremation or Burial

It could be that there has been no specification as to whether your loved one wanted to be buried or cremated.  Around 70% of people in the UK opt for the cremation option.  Part of the reason for this could be cost related, as the average cremation costs much less than a burial.  There are other options too such as private burials, or burials at sea – however these are much less common.  You can also be buried at sea.

Think about the Coffin and Urn

When you have chosen between burial or cremation – you then need to think about the coffin or urn you are opting for.  There are lots of different kids which can be overwhelming – but try to keep as level a head as possible. Your funeral director will help you through things, however you can also look for options online.  If there is an online option you prefer, you can let your funeral director know – and in most instances they will sort for you.

Plan the Service Itself

You don’t need to have a religious funeral, anyone can do it. So, it could be an option for you to get another loved one or a friend to do it.  You can also get a humanist or professional celebrant.  You will need to meet with them, and they will ask for stories, to make the service as personal as possible.  It could be that you chat through certain hymns, poems or music, or if there should be a dress code or theme – and finally how long the service should be.

Prep the Death Notice and Eulogy

The main speech at the funeral needs to be sorted.  You need to think about who you want to do this, and how long it would be.  Then the obituary is a notice that you can put in the paper to make sure that people that may want to attend have lots of time to prepare.

If you do need help in planning a funeral at this difficult time, then hopefully our how-to guide will have helped.

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